Car tags for cancer
by Paisley Boston
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The Fannie Lou Hamer Cancer Foundation is moving closer to constructing its cancer resource center in Ruleville.

The foundation has received funds from multiple entities and now it is rallying the support of Mississippi motorists.

Freddie White – Johnson, founder of the FLHCF is asking citizens to help fund the resource center by purchasing license plates.

Individuals can purchase a license plate for $31 and the organization will receive $24 per tag.

Johnson said she is elated about this new fundraiser and she hopes to gain supporters.

"The foundation has been conducting several fundraisers in efforts of building our center and now individuals can assist us in a different way. We really hope that Mississippi residents will embrace this idea and help us to prevent cancer," said Johnson.

"This year we are stepping out on faith like never before and we need the help of Mississipians. I would like for everyone to get involved.  People can purchase this tag to help with the cause and to raise awareness," she added.

Johnson said that although this would help the foundation tremendously, 300 tags must be pre-sold before this fundraiser can become legitimized.

"This project could possibly help the foundation generate over $300,000. The funds will help provide a necessary sense of direction as we pursue funds and resources that are critical to erecting the $5.5 million cancer center. The center will be named in honor of Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer who died from untreated breast cancer.  This project will help us to give back to the community both in terms of improved health status and as an economic catalyst," said Johnson.

"Any suggestions, referrals, and direct assistance toward this project will be greatly appreciated.  Together we are saving lives and making history," she added.

The center will include seminar rooms, a cancer resource library, a physical fitness center, a Hamer’s gallery, and a demonstration kitchen for nutrition classes, conference rooms, and offices.

The foundation's headquarters will be used to conduct cancer training, and cancer awareness activities to promote cancer screenings, early detection, physical activities and healthy diets.

Johnson said the construction of the Fannie Lou Hamer Cancer Foundation will be dedicated to saving lives and will establish a life-long legacy in memory of the Ruleville native, Fannie Lou Hamer who "shook the foundation of this Nation" with her courage, determination and willingness to undergo great personal sacrifices as an authentic voice of those who were impoverished and disenfranchised. 

The foundation recently embraced a five-year strategic plan that involves implementing a state-of-the-art cancer-oriented facility situated in one of the poorest regions in the state as well as one of the most medically underserved areas in the nation.

Johnson works along with the Mississippi Network for Cancer Control and Prevention to find ways to prevent cancer and offer free medical exams to individuals who lack medical or health insurance.

"Approximately 10 years ago we declared war on cancer and we are far from wavering from our commitment, we are out to win. We are proud of certain improvements along the way, but there are still much yet to be done," said Johnson.

After a decade of existence, foundation is now poised for forward movement.

"Sadly, Mrs. Hamer died in 1977 due to delayed diagnosis of breast cancer coupled with inadequate access to medical care. Our most committed efforts are fueled by a desire to reduce the possibility of cancer similarly claiming other victims," added Johnson.

The Fannie Lou Hamer Cancer Foundation is a non-profit, volunteer awareness, independent, community-supported charitable organization dedicated to the eradication of cancer in Mississippi, particularly in the Mississippi Delta, through education, support services, research, and advocacy.

For more information or to make a tax-deductible donation to support this project, make a check payable to the Fannie Lou Hamer Cancer Foundation and mail to the foundation at Post Office Box 755, Ruleville, MS  38771 or contact Johnson at 662-392-5458.