Cable One now negotiating with Viacom
by Paisley Boston
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Cable One is currently in negotiation with Viacom to continue carrying BET, Centric, CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, MTV2, MTV Hits, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Nick Teen, Nick Toons, Spike, TV LAND, VH-1, and VH-1 Classic.

Cable One's contract with Viacom ends Monday.

"Our programmers have to make money and we understand that but sometimes the requests are really outrageous and we can only absorb so much of those rate increases before we have to pass it on to our customers," said Cable One Public Relations Manager Trish Niemann.

"We are going to try to come to an agreement that is in the best interest of our customers. When we go into every negotiation, our goal is to strike the best possible deal and get the lowest rate possible so that what we have to pass on to our customers is minimal," she added.

Niemann said the company is hoping to continue negotiating right up to the end of its contract, which expires Monday at midnight.

"We have not reached any decisions but Viacom did finally reach out to us which is good news. We are hoping for a positive resolution. We are going to be negotiating in good faith right up until the end," continued Niemann.

If Cable One does not reach an agreement with Viacom, Niemann said Cable One does have a plan B.

"If we do lose the contract with Viacom, then the channels will go dark temporarily and we would replace them with some other channels that our customers have been requesting," she added.

"On a regular basis our customers e-mail us on our Facebook page asking us to add certain channels. We have constant requests. We compile the requests and we choose the most popular ones," said Niemann.

"Our customers have been overwhelmingly supportive. There are a lot of channels out there that customers want to see on their lineup and this might be the opportunity for that to happen if negotiations do not work out. Some of the most requested channels are BBC America, The Blaze, the Hallmark Channel and Investigation Discover," she continued.

Niemann said Cable One is working to ensure that its customers receive the best possible outcome.

"Feedback so far has been great from our customers. We sent out an e-mail yesterday to all of our customers and we asked our customers to let us know their thoughts.

We want to keep our customers updated so that there are not any surprises and as it comes closer to the deadline we want our customers to remain up to date on the issue," said Niemann.

According to General Manager for Cable One in Cleveland Sandi Melton she has not received customer complaints on this issue.

"The channels have not gone out yet. Cable One is sill in negotiation with Viacom," said Melton.

In October 2013, Cable One removed Turner Network channels — CNN, CNN en Espanol, Headline News, Turner Classic Movies, TruTV, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network and Boomerang — from its channel lineup following the expiration of Cable One /Turner Network contract.

The channels were reinstated by the end of October, after a contract was renegotiated.